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Visionary artist

Portrait Isa 2023.heic

Painter and art teacher, painter of horses and landscapes, I am also inspired by fantasy art. When I create, the sensations of a snowshoe ride in the snow, the gallop of a horse or the flight of an eagle over the St. Lawrence come to mind and I let myself be overwhelmed by the emotions that overwhelm me. My art is a vision, that of a wild and authentic nature, but also that of past and future times, which I transpose onto the canvas with fury and passion. Basically, I tell stories painted by hand and in color.

I live in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures near Quebec. International artist for more than 30 years, holder of a master's degree in visual arts and a certificate in university teaching,   I regularly exhibit in France, the United States and Canada, as well than in the Greater Quebec City region.

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