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Art Vancouver

The countdown has begun! In a few days I will be in Vancouver to participate in the prestigious international art fair ART VANCOUVER (click on the button below) :

Result of 6 months of preparation with an unbearable suspense... I first had to send my file hoping to be selected. Then, as soon as the good news has arrived, start planning the event. Luckily, I always prepare my exhibitions one or two years in advance. I work in oil, so there is no longer any question of exposing a fresh canvas, as happened to me when I started in the last century. So no last minute stress about what to exhibit. Everything is ready for a long time, even if I allowed myself last minute changes. I was able to exhibit some works from 2023 that were already dry. But if that was not possible, no worries, I have stock. Next: the journey. Because, no need to kid ourselves, all of this costs money. A lot of money. So I broke my piggy bank for the plane ticket and the transport of the works. With resourcefulness, we get there.

I then put together a funding file with the Canada Council for the Arts which, luckily, was sensitive to my project. I also contacted the Conseil de la culture du Québec, whose response I am still awaiting. I'm hopeful on that side too. If that hadn't worked, I could have turned to crowdfunding, but I admit that I have less control over the subject... The trick is to find the formula that suits us best. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to use the official circuits. But you have to know, it's a LOT of work.

When it comes to transport, it takes work and a lot of RESOURCEFULNESS. I had to throw myself into the DIY of a transport box, which will travel in the hold with me. I lined the inside of the box and put everything together with brackets. My great pride is the latch closure system, the small wheels underneath and the carrying handles. Total budget: less than $100. Cost of transport in the hold: $100. No need to call on art transport companies, or even post and shipping companies, because all this would have cost me much more than my plane ticket.

Afterwards, I will still have to plan the transport of the box (which is still 38x18 inches) to the airport in Quebec, then from the airport in Vancouver to the hotel, then from the hotel to the Center d' exposure. In Quebec, it will go with my spouse's car (thank you Gilou). Then Uber once there.

Well, I told you about the assembly of the file, the trip and the transport. Afterwards, the organization remains once there. I hang my works on May 3. Luckily, Radio Canada was looking for an artist who spoke French for its French network. So I received an email asking me the following question: "Do you speak French?" Too funny... So I'm going to have a radio interview the day before the launch of the exhibition. Then, the opening takes place on May 4th. It is planned that I participate in a parade of artists on a podium to show one of my works. It's going to be a great adventure... Then the exhibition continues on Friday-Saturday-Sunday. 3 and a half rather intense days. Did I tell you that I have an anxiety disorder? But I take care of myself, thanks to meditation, painting and animals. I'm going to get there. And I'll do a little report on Art Vancouver when I get back.

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