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Biennial in Italy

I have been selected for a prestigious artistic prize in Italy!

My only regret is not being able to go there, having been informed at the last minute. But I was still able to send a small work (60 cm x 60 cm) to the prestigious Antica gallery in Lecce. This recognition comes at the right time, after 2 particularly difficult years on a personal and professional level. But art is stronger than anything and my resolve to paint angels in a visionary style is rewarded. It is no coincidence that my work caught the attention of the organizers of the Terre d'Otrante biennial, an ancient land par excellence.

" The Italia in Arte nel Mondo Academy appreciates your Artistic Work, through which you have been able to interpret, with knowledge, your Contemporaneity (beyond the expressive grammar adopted, independent of the methods and technical and intellectual means you have used) , a condition, of course, which highlights an interpretative capacity that we attribute to you and which leads the art world to take an interest in your commitment to composition". And it is for everything that is stated here, in full harmony with the Principles that govern the World of Visual Arts, that the Honorary Committee, in the person of its Honorary President Dr. Michele Miulli, intends.

Honorificentiam artium meritis au Maître FROT ISABELLE The High Recognition will be given to you by the following authorities: The President of the Honorary Committee, Michele Miulli (Officer in the Carabinieri, for 30 years involved in the Protection of Cultural Artistic Heritage), the Honorary President of the Commission for Literature and Social Commitment, Laura Guercio (Lawyer and Professor at the University of Perugia), The Honorary President of the Event, Nicola Giampaolo (Postulator accredited to the Holy See), The Artistic Director, Roberto Chiavarini. Civil, Religious and Military Authorities will be present as well as personalities from the world of Culture, Social Commitment, Art and Science. The High Recognition consists of a magnificent bust of "Menelaus" King of Sparta, in precious alabaster powder placed on a marble base. In addition, we will give you the optional possibility to exhibit one of your works for free at the Collective Art Exhibition, in one of the oldest Art Galleries in Europe, the "SOCIETÀ OPERAIA DI MUTUAL SOCCORSO" - EXHIBITION ROOM "E. MACCAGNANI", from December 1 to 10, 2022, located in the center of Lecce, the city defined by recent university research studies as a city rich in figurative testimonies of the Baroque. During the Event, Artists from all over the world, Men, Women, who have distinguished themselves in the field of Human Rights, Social Commitment and Culture, Art Historians, Gallerists, Institutional Personalities, Literature, Philosophers, Writers and Guests of all kinds. We are sure to have you with us in Lecce this Saturday, December 3, 2022 and, looking forward to meeting you personally, we send you our best regards. During the Event for the presentation of the High Recognitions and during the aforementioned Exhibition, interviews are planned with the Artists and Personalities present at the Event, by the Artistic Director Roberto Chiavarini and the Art Expert Col. Michele Miulli, which will be visible later, on our website

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