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March, the exhibitions resume

Without however going as far as a return to normal, it would seem that the visual arts are regaining some of the hair of the beast. At least I hope so. This week I went to take my paintings to three different exhibition venues. And I resume my artistic classes and workshops. Finally! It was time !

March artshows
  • 5 artworks from my ZODIAC series hang on the walls of the offices of the Honorable Jean-Yves Duclos, MP and Federal Minister of Health, 600 Boulevard Charest, Quebec.

  • 3 artworks from my ZODIAC series are exhibited at the gallery of Société artistique et culturelle de Québec Place Laurier, Quebec.

  • 3 other artworks (2 from ZODIAC and 1 angel) are exhibited with the other teachers of Mouvement d'animation artistique de Cap-Rouge at Roger-Lemelin's library, 4705 Rue de la Promenade des Soeurs, Quebec.

Art classes and workshops

I give painting lessons at Mouvement d'animation artistique de Cap-Rouge (ses the Spring program) and workshops with Apprenti-Loisirs.

I obviously continue my private lessons at my studio, for young people aged 10 to 15 as well as for adults of all levels who are passionate about art and painting.

Upcoming projects

Exhibitions, more exhibitions, always exhibitions!

In bulk:

  • Personal exhibition in Baie-Saint-Paul, May

  • Symposium Découvr'Arts, June

  • Symposium of Cap-Santé, July

  • Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, July

  • London in October (February exhibition postponed)

  • etc.

You can follow my news here or on my pages Instagram and Facebook.

Hope to meet you!

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