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Menelaus prize

" The Italia in Arte nel Mondo Academy appreciates your Artistic Work, through which you have been able to interpret, with knowledge, your Contemporaneity (beyond the expressive grammar adopted, independent of the methods and technical and intellectual means you have used) , a condition, of course, which highlights an interpretative capacity that we attribute to you and which leads the art world to take an interest in your commitment to composition ".

And it is for everything that is stated here, in full harmony with the Principles that govern the World of Visual Arts, that the Honorary Committee, in the person of its Honorary President Dr. Michele Miulli, intends

Honorificentiam artium meritis


It's official, I got the Menelaus Prize! This is a very nice recognition for me who has been fighting for years for my art. Moreover, I officially have the right to be called "Master". Well, that makes me laugh more than anything else, but it's a nice revenge on the Sunday painters that I see parading on social networks. At least my work is recognized at its fair value by professionals in the world of art and culture. I've heard it all over the place for over 35 years. Too figurative, too anecdotal, too classic, too surreal, not realistic enough, too blue, too aggressive... Anything and everything, in fact. The truth is that I bother artists who can't draw. Today anyone can take a canvas and a brush (or a sponge, or a mop) and become an artist. All you need is a good marketing plan and self-proclaimed genius artist. But here it is: I paint with the heart, and in addition I paint angels. And the worst part is that it takes work. I paint one canvas per month on average. It's not a lot. But I prefer to take my time and do real painting: a creation that combines drawing, composition, color and material to express thoughts and emotions. Because yes, as the philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman puts it so well: “Painting thinks. How? It's a hellish question. Perhaps unapproachable for thought.” Without going so far as to make a thesis out of it (although the idea crossed my mind) I think that painting cannot be improvised. It is a worldview that transcends language and thought.

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