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Season's art show

Press release - For immediate release René-Richard Library, Baie-Saint-Paul, May 4, 2022. The René-Richard Library is pleased to present the exhibition The Language of Horses by artist Isabelle Frot from May 13 to August 14, 2022. The opening will take place on Friday May 13 at 5 p.m. The public and the press are cordially invited. French painter and writer from Quebec, Isabelle Frot is inspired by mythological beings, angels, horses and the grandiose landscapes of Canada. Holder of a master's degree in visual arts from the University of Paris 8 and a certificate in university teaching from Concordia University, she divides her time between painting, writing and teaching the arts. When she creates, the sensations of a snowshoe ride in the snow, the gallop of a horse or the flight of an eagle over the St. Lawrence come to mind and she lets herself be overwhelmed by emotions. that overwhelm her. Her art is a vision, that of a wild and authentic nature, but also that of past and future times, which she transposes onto the canvas with fury and passion. Isabelle Frot wonders about the link that unites man to the animal world on the one hand. She works in oil, on wood or on canvas. For the sake of unity, most of his works are square in format. She loves classical painting and spends a lot of time on each canvas, from the initial idea to the final realization. The work is thought out, prepared, studied. She starts with a sketch and then makes a model, a preparatory drawing in color. Slowly, touch by touch, layer after layer, the work emerges from the chaos of the canvas. She likes to think that painting is a bridge between man and the spiritual. The language of horses presents a series of works on the bond that unites man and horse, a theme dear to Isabelle Frot, also passionate about horses. There are horses, riders of all styles and all eras (classical riding, western and medieval times). There are even donkeys, in a bucolic work entitled “All the wisdom of the world”. Man, in his great ignorance, does not know that the donkey is a philosopher. However, they are very intelligent, tender and affectionate animals which, like horses, have many lessons to teach us. Note: Isabelle Frot donates 5% of all her sales of artistic works to research on brain tumors By buying a work of art, you are also doing a good deed!


Bibliothèque René-Richard, 9, rue Forget, Baie-Saint-Paul QC G3Z 1T4

Informations : or 418-563-1362

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