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Spring Art shows

I have the honor to announce several exhibitions in Canada for this spring.

MAACR - From February 22 to March 20

Exhibition of teachers ofMouvement d'animation artistique de Cap-Rouge, where I have been giving drawing and painting lessons for several years now, at the Roger-Lemelin Library in Quebec.

Renaissance - April 1-30

Personal exhibition at Maison O'Neill in Quebec on Saturday April 8 at 2 p.m. The exhibition will take place throughout the month of April.


I also participate in the Vancouver International Art Fair, Art Vancouver . Check out their site, it's amazing! I'm going to exhibit about ten recent works there and probably also take part in a series of interviews and conferences.

Découv'Arts - June 2-4

Finally, the Découv'Arts festival which takes place in the old Cap-Rouge and under the Tracel, near the nautical park. This year I will be under the big top. Other exhibitions to come this summer...

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