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Two sisters

Two sisters, watercolor on paper laid down on wood, 24x18 in

Realization of a watercolor step by step.

First of all, it is essential to choose a subject that we know and that speaks to us. Above all, no copy pumped from the internet! In this case, I took a picture of my two mares, which in real life are absolutely inseparable. I know their history, so it gives another dimension to the painting. Moreover, my works are all made from my own sketches and my personal photos. It takes a bit of research and preparation, but in the end it's a thousand times more lively than an ordinary soulless copy.

Then I start freehand drawing. I sketch a lot, with quick strokes in all directions. At the end, the drawing is refined with a kneaded eraser. If there are any pencil marks left, I don't mind. It's part of the creative process.

Then I move on to color: always from the background to the foreground, which allows me to easily integrate the subject into the background and not find myself drooling color on the subject.

So, I start at the bottom, on wet paper and flat to avoid drips.

Next I go to the mare of the background, from the lightest to the darkest, starting with the widest areas. I end with the details. From light to dark because it is watercolor. Oil is different.

And finally I attack the mare in the foreground. The difficulty in this specific case consists in giving life to a black horse. The hair is so dark that you can't see the light. So I use the light mare to highlight it, and I accentuate the contrasts.

Here is the result!

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